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The offer is valid even if you do not wish to book accomodation in Greece..

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You can drive safely and comfortably – without visa fees or additional car insurance – via Austria, Hungary, former Jugoslavia (Serbia) and Macedonia to Greece. The streets destroyed during the war have for the most part been rebuilt. The greater part of the route consists of motorway. The route via Croatia is also easily drivable, if you do not want to come via Hungary. All of which means that the north of Greece has regained its original attraction as a holiday destination for you !

Possible Routes are:

Germany - Austria - Maribor (Croatia) - Zagreb (Croatia) - Belgrade (Jugoslawia) - Nis (Jugoslavia) - Skopie (Macedonia) - Thessaloniki (Greece)

Or, alternatively,

Germany - Vienna (Austria) - Budapest (Hungary) - Szeged (Hungary) - Novi Sad (Jugoslawia) - Belgrade (Jugoslawia) - Nis (Jugoslawia) - Skopie (Macedonia) - Thessaloniki (Greece)

Both routes will take you, inclusive of necessary short breaks every 3 hours, about 2 ½ days from North Germany (Hamburg) driving at steady cruising pace. Plenty of overnight accomodation is available en-route, for example beside the road M5, near Budapest (Mizse Motel). Up-to-date information can be had from the ADAC (German road-accident and break-down service) On top of all that, PETROS had travelled the route via Budapest himself from the winter of 2003/2004 nearly every year until today and gave information as to the total cost involved on this website (please click the german language).