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PETROS assists you personally by planning your own individual holidays for you!

Example 1

You have 3 full weeks holiday ahead of you and want to have a wonderful time alone or with friends.

You are keen to see some famous antiquities on the mainland, on the other hand your hobby, diving, should not take second place. One of your friends happens to be interested in geology and wants to use the opportunity for an informative trip to the mountains.

(To ensure that all these different interests really get a chance, you can simply leave all your planning to PETROS).

Example 2

You have 4 weeks holiday and want to spend a wonderful time alone or with friends.

As far as you are concerned, all you want is to lay about on a white beach and relax. Your girl-friend, on the other hand, feels more active and would definitely like to visit a city and go on a bargain-hunting trip (jewellery, esp. Gold jewellery, is considerably cheaper in Greece than in Germany, for example)... But since big cities really get on your nerves, your whole group unanimously decides to join a course on GREEK DANCING. And now that you are in Greece, you would really like to visit your friends in…. To reward yourself for all your physical exertions in dancing and seeing your friends you really just want to spend the rest of your holidays in peace and quiet on some island.

(To make sure that everyone really gets what they want – without the group splitting up during the holidays, you are better off leaving the planning to PETROS.)

and what is the price for all that ?????


It's just SERVICE

e-mail: petros@petros-reisen.com